07 May 2010

Another Morning

Only today is Olivia's last time to ride the bus (finals and early dismissals next week followed by graduation after that). Enzo, though in love with his routine, will only have three more weeks of school after this (art show today - plus his beloved library and show n tell - his favorite day - in fact, he really wants to do kindergarten again but will miss a few of his friends - what to do? what to do?). For the rest of us, it is business as usual today (lots of business for me, as I am in the home stretch of this editing project). Thinking today, though.... I can remember Olivia in kindergarten so clearly, and now... off she goes to high school. Unbelievable.

Enjoy the day before the rain and cold hits us! Oh - and, as we transition to another season, you may be wondering if one of those shows you watch all the time will be coming back (we have a few in this house :-), so read here to find out.

Some sweet thoughts that will help me get through my day (and maybe you guys have some too): Enzo standing at my elbow, looking at me with big green eyes, telling me how grateful he is that I make his lunch everyday for school with salad and cheese sandwiches - Milo's sweet, shining, anxious face bursting through the door at preschool yesterday, proudly holding the little handprint Mother's Day card he had made for me (his teacher told me that he worked very hard on writing his name, and he was fascinated by the "plastic machine" that laminated it :-) - Lilliana and I walked Squirrel Hill yesterday after gymnastics (where she sweetly does what Miss Beth asks her to do - bend and touch the beam - or "roll" down the mat at which time she rolls her hands like in the game "Patty Cake" and runs down the mat - so cute), which I had not done in a while - we visited the library and read books, window shopped, got iced coffee and little wafer cookies at Coffeetree Roasters then went to get "Bobo" (Milo :-) - Olivia is still one of the starting attack people on her lacrosse team and that team is winning - plus, she is one of only 6 or 7 people in her Social Studies class to be exempt from the final for good grades - AND one of only 4 people out of almost 40 to get an A on a difficult math test (I'm so proud).

We have a school fund-raising dinner and auction tonight. What are your plans?


joely said...

I am home with a sick little kindergardener for the third day. I could complain but you are right about being happy with the moments that will pass. I think I am going to cuddle and enjoy her more today because in three weeks she will be first grader!
I am not going to the auction but have a great time. Maybe next year.

Sherri said...

Definitely - cuddle, cuddle.... We are in such limbo about what to do with Enzo next year. Our original intent was to have him repeat kindergarten, but .... he's done so well... Anyway - I'll either have a first grader or a kindergartner next year - OK with either - they're still such little peanuts for a time....:-).

TKW said...

Nothing beats those homemade Mother's Day cards! I'm hoping to get one myself. Have a great weekend!

Kim said...

Way to go Olivia!