12 May 2010

Everything to Everybody

This is how I feel lately. Groceries fully stocked (from healthy veggies to favorite snacks), hot homecooked dinner every night, homework done, beds made, fresh linens in bathrooms and bedrooms, uniforms washed and ready to go (school and sports), lunches made daily, house dusted and vacuumed - plus we play Simon Says, X-Men, hide n seek, duck - duck - goose, checkers, Trouble, etc. daily. I get my edits done on time plus I write more than is required of me on this project - working into the wee hours. The big school fundraiser I do looks like it's going to be extremely successful this year but still have lots of t-shirt orders, etc. to count. 8th grade grad dinner coming together nicely - photo prints ready to be made and wrapped for distribution. The picnic a week later has a huge volunteer list. All good. But... I'm tired.

Olivia has lunch with friends today after finals. They are going to a girl's house nearby. I notice she put "goodbye st bede" on her Facebook page. They are sad -these 8th grade girls. This is a passing of sorts. They won't get those years back, and ... they loved them - the good and the bad. They have known one another since kindergarten in most cases (we even moved away and came back). Enzo is happy - anxious for after school with Mrs. K again. I chaperone his hiking field trip to Beechwood Farms tomorrow rain or shine (Enzo will love it - a nature reserve!). Hubby is meeting with his teacher today; I will do so later in the week. Milo has gymnastics today - Lil morning out. The routine comforts me :-).

Photo: Big sis Olivia and little Lil.


Kim said...

Wow...all you do in a day...remarkable! I love, love, love the portraits you had taken! Come on now, we all want to see the ones of the whole family. I think you are being too hard on yourself. If you think you don't look put together enough, re-read some of your blogs and see how spread thin you are on a typical day, then cut yourself some slack! I'm such a blog slacker...will get on here again soon.

Sherri said...

I'm slipping lately, believe me.... And... so I caved on the photo thing.... And, yes, keep a ' postin' - I love your blog!