29 May 2010


Pool. A new recipe. Olivia to last boys lacrosse game (go East End!). Enzo and Milo want to play outside. Lil is in love with her water table. Last night, hubby and I grabbed a hot dog (veggie Chicago style for me :-) at our neighborhood place, D's - then took a little drive and ended up wandering Squirrel Hill a bit and reminisced about back when Olivia was little and that was our 'hood - our relationship was newer - we would take long walks at night and look inside lighted windows and think about our future. Now, we have a bunch of kids, and... just a lot going on.... It really is all we've ever wanted. We talked a little about hubby's days as starving artist and musician - my brief stint as a dancer, and ... vowed to indulge out interests a bit more. Find something you like to do today, and.... do it!

Photo: My little ones like to pick flowers for me :-).

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