20 May 2010

Spending time with Lil.

My little beauty.

Some sweet, funny notes: After preschool, Milo told me that he wanted to play "blubird" when we got home. I was holding his hand, walking through the halls of the school, listening to his banter. He sang me part of the song that goes with the game and told me how we have to fly (but he says, "fwy") under each other's arms. Then, he also told me the teachers gave him a jet pack and told him to "rescue" some of the other kids, so....

I didn't know it was going to be warm today so sent Enzo to school in long sleeves. When I saw him earlier, he was on the playground, making the best of it, sleeves rolled up, down in the dirt with his friends :-). Mrs. K told me that he put himself in after school today (he loves Mrs. K :-).

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