27 May 2010

Head above water ... barely...:-)

Ok - so - deeeeep breath - today.... we get up late - having dealt with late nights for all kids last night - grad party (all had a great time - thanks, Caroline) and kindergarten show (fabulous - Enzo stole the show with his theatrics during the Italian song - one teacher said he was "really feeling his Italian" - my little guy would gesture, throw back his head when they sand certain words, etc. - so funny - though, some other mothers / friends and I had to wrangle little ones outside, rolling down the hill, running getting sweaty...).

Anyway - it is Milo's last day of P3, so we gather some stuffed animals to peruse in order to choose one to be his companion for the Teddy Bear Picnic. He chooses a stuffed dog - we get Enzo properly suited up in a tie-dye-ish shirt and casual shorts / sneaks for his End of Year Show. Lil and I go to gymnastics then deliver ALL of the fund-raising t-shirts to the school (I saw Milo and his class with their picnic gear and stuffed animals in the grassy shade as we drove by - so cute. It's always a little sad leaving the 3 year old room - both my boys loved each teacher in the room, but... Mrs. Hartman, one who understands boys inherently, will not be in P4 - quite an adjustment ;-). Olivia now tells me she wants to go to the End of Year Show, so... we're back to get her. I am going through the PILES of beautiful artwork from my Milo - I am basking in the warm glow of the t-shirts working out well AND hearing many little friendly voices calling to my Enzo on the playground as I left the school this am.

Good day. Really good day. I am always overwhelmed by remnants of a busy week - discarded cups of whole grain goldfish crackers, dirty socks, bath toys, etc. all over the house. A brownie pan picked clean but left on the stove - a sauce-y pasta bowl left in the sink..... ugh. But.... I got a wonderful email from one of my co-workers on my recent freelance project (we put together a freakin' book!), and it was very nice - along the lines of "honor to work with you", and I absolutely feel the same and must return one asap. Also, I found this morning that my kids' beloved Miss Beth in gymnastics is also a dancer like me. We had a little chat this morning - nice to connect with other dancers (a lot of my former dancer friends read me here - love that I've reconnected with you guys, btw :-). Anyway, Beth dances with The Pillow Project. Nice to talk to someone with mutual friends / acquaintances in the area.... always a good thing.

Anyway - my Lil beckons - wants me to play with sea creatures in our water table in the backyard (I know - I know - like 2,000 degrees outside, but... what fun, right?). So.... I'm not concentrating on the mundane today - I'm concentrating on my new connections and my newfound sense of self. Cuz... remember, it IS the little things - like this morning as I made Enzo's lunch, I noticed that his lunch box is really dirty, and I thought..... just one more day - this lunch box needs to make it one more day, and... it hit me that I could remember buying it for the new school year like it was YESTERDAY! So... time passing....

Hope you guys are having good days / weeks too. Enjoy yourselves - enjoy your families today!

Photo: A message from my 14 year old :-).

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