04 May 2010

Proud ...

... of my brood. Reaffirming the good.... not mentioning the "trying" tonight. Did I mention that hubby is out of town? While he has dinner and wine, I am wrangling three little ones and their dinner, bath, bedtime routine, and... proofing music reports and getting the middle schooler off to a soccer game and lacrosse practice (thank you, thank you to my carpool posse - C & J - wouldn't survive without either of ya!) - big class photo tomorrow - and I coordinated the photo shoot :-) - though thank God for my partner in class event planning, Lynda - what would I do without her? Seriously. She is handling SO much too (and designed a beautiful invitation). Ugh. All good. Time for my new favorite Numi White Orange Spice Tea (organic midnight spice ... oooooh.... said to give me an "exquisite moment"... much needed AND it is tasty ;-). Also, check out the Libby Jones blog (my list :-) - photos of friends (hello Waits family) who look FABULOUS! Good night, all.

Photos (but not in this order - see if you can match the descriptor to the photo :-): Coach Daddy, Lil: Peace Out, my sweet Enzo, Olivia and friends do coffee, Lil all dressed up & nowhere to go, Milo likes to move it / move it (all this just a tribute to all that I love that is random in our lives ... the way Enzo comes home from the bus stop on Mondays with his gym shoes on the wrong feet, back pack all neatly packed, jacket in tow, but... the shoes... too funny - the way Lil has to rummage around in the art bin to find something to color when the older ones are doing homework or showing off school art projects, then she proudly holds it up, "Ta - dah!" - the way Milo acts everything out so dramatically with his waving arms and swaying side to side and facial expressions and funny voices, all to illustrate something that happened to him that day or to even sing a song about his day while he acts it out.... just great - and how pretty Olivia is and poised and gracious and forgiving and loyal and confident.... a far better person than I have ever been or will ever be :-).

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