15 May 2010

Saturday in the sun.

Big lacrosse tournament today at St. Vincent College. Our girls came in second. Got lots of great action shots of Olivia and friends -their last year as teammates. Tonight, she's going to Shadyside Academy's Untucked spring party. Just cannot believe how mature she is now.

Signed the paperwork for our very cool gym today (feel my old self coming back!). Plus, hubby and I spend some brief quality time chatting, shopping, walking.

We have lettuce, beans, onions and peas sprouting up in the garden!

Enzo a little tantrum-y today, but.... was a sheer joy watching him play and wrestle with Daddy across the field today. The perfect clouds in the perfect sky were beautiful. Took me right back to my own kindergarten spring :-).

Milo was interested in the lacrosse game today. Go figure. I pointed out the action and where the ball was, and he watched and listened.

Lil was just content to play with some friends' golden retriever puppy and eat hotdogs and nachos and kettle corn.

Grilling asparagus now and eating fresh guacamole (and we do a tasty and QUICK recipe - mash avocados, onion, salt and fresh lime juice together - chop tomatoes and stir them in - voila!).

Movie night (Up) and "snuggle buggle" under the big comforter later! Paradise.

Photo: Olivia and friends (and Lil) laughing and laughing at May Crowning last week.

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