16 May 2010

A decision.

So - I think we've decided to stick to our original plan and have Enzo repeat kindergarten. Just as we suspected, he really enjoyed his year. He loves his uniform, his back pack, his Transformers lunchbox and riding the bus. He looks forward to library and Italian and Science, and... always remembers something for show n tell. They tell us he is a hard worker who has no problem paying attention. He makes friends easily, and he is one of the sweetest kids in the class. He's just the youngest one in there - doesn't even make the public school cut-off. At first, he wanted to "stay with his friends" when we asked him what he wanted to do - Now, however, he says he wants to stay with his teachers and be in kindergarten again. I love kindergarten, and I don't mind at all. We sent him because we knew he would like it a lot; we also knew he would benefit from another year. It is common in this school for kids to repeat kindergarten on purpose, so we're not so strange :-). Anyway, I know he's done well - learns fast - has made huge progress, but... like I said, I'm going to stick to the original plan for my little guy.

Photo: Sweet Enzo, of coure.


Sherri said...

Gosh, all - getting some great feedback and comments via email and Facebook on this. I should mention, too, that he loves his music class with Maggie B. too (thanks for your kind words, Maggie :-) - and I loved watching him play the instruments during his show a couple of weeks ago. Can't wait to see the one next week! Pictures to come....;-).

TKW said...

My kid is missing the cutoff for Kindergarten by 4 days. She she will be the opposite of Enzo--she'll be the old soul!

Mommas know what's best. Good for you.

Sherri said...

That was like us, TKW. We missed the cut-off for public school - private school gave us a month, but ... we almost missed that by 4 days. Anyway, he was young last year - repeating next year, he'll be the old soul too :-). I think it's good when they're older; I noticed a difference this year between the kids who were 6 and those who were 5. You know.... kinda nice for us, though - they stay little a bit longer :-).

LulaMae said...

I'm late to comment regarding the decision, but I thought I'd chime in that my little guy misses the new (as of this past school year) cutoff date by 8 days. At first I was disappointed about this, but now I'm a bit relieved that the decision's essentially made for me. He'll do five days a week in a "4-year-old" preschool class this year. He'll be 4 years old for about 2 days of the class. September is a big birthday month, so I'm guessing he's not going to be the only older one in his class.