06 May 2010

End of day musings...

So .. there is a pretty big lettuce recall (reports of e.coli - very serious). Read about it - hits close to home. Got two photos today - one of my boys from my hubby (though they were gently reprimanded for being on the neighbor's scooter shortly after the photo) - and one from a friend who got a good photo of my Olivia and her friends just after May Crowning. Check'em out :-).

And... don't forget to send your Moms from afar, new mommies you know, sisters, mother-in-laws, etc, gifts for this weekend. A lot of you will have brunch or other festivities planned with family, but... if you are far from loved ones and moms that you know and cherish.... just don't forget to send something :-). Might I suggest some practical gifts (I'll do a list o'five, per usual :-) -

1. Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Vanilla and Jasmine hand lotion
2. A subscription to Food and Wine Magazine
3. A windowsill herb garden
4. A personal chef a couple of nights a month
5. A Borders or Barnes and Noble gift certificate

For what it's worth... these are things that some people close to me are getting / asked for, etc. Of course, my Mom loves her daisy bouquets, Vera Bradley frames and Bob Evans gift certificates, though... she also loves books, nice handbags, sugar free candies, tea and tea "accessories", shortbread cookies, yellow roses and photos of my kids ;-).

See ya later! Happy warm spring evening :-).

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