02 May 2010

Power Outage

So .. yeah - at 7:30 last night - didn't come on until nearly 1 am again. Happens all the time in our neighborhood - to this particular block, for some reason (and, at first, last night, after a hectic rushed meal with the kids AND a broken dishwasher - repair guys comes Wed - it seemed like it was going to be too much to take, but... turned out OK). In an evening reminiscent of the "big snow" back in Feb..... the whole street was out - kids hula hooping in the middle of the street watching the Duquesne Light trucks work on the lines (one of these n'er do wells was my kid :-) - people returning from dinner or the symphony, wondering why the power was still out - neighbors drinking wine or smoking cigarettes and chatting on porches, discussing next steps (should we call again? - anyone need a flashlight or candle?). My little ones ate their whole grain goldfish crackers and apple juice before bedtime on our porch steps, then acted like they were "flying" as it got darker outside (no street lights). Baby Lil and I wandered the sidewalks and visited for a while with our firefly that lights up in the garden (hubby and I call it the Vegas firefly - but Lil loves it); we were waiting for Olivia to return from a movie (until Lil sat on a neighbor's steps and announced, "I tired" - ALL the boys already safely in bed :-). It was a nice night despite the power outage - nice weather, friendly neighbors, a lot of laughing... just like today is a nice day despite rain (in fact, I may go out and plant some seeds that still need to go in). I did miss a movie party, but... next time. Always a next time, right? Sometimes it feels so good to live in the moment.

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