19 May 2010

A bit of last night, and.... some fashion fun.

Someone sent me this photo (I, of course, am still downloading so thanks, Chris - and... more to come... :-). Love it! It's from the graduation after-party dinner, and.... I've known all these kids forever :-).

And... someone shared this truly fun article on retro fashion from The New York Times with me (WITH images... cool.... thank you, thank you, Sue).


Kim said...

Great outfit!

Facie said...

Seems as if there is a lot of great stuff going on with graduation. Glad I have seven more years to go.

Congrats to your daughter. The groups seems like a nice one. The group at our school, on the other hand... Let's just say they mentally checked out a month or so ago. I really hope the move to high school knocks these kids down a couple of pegs.

Sherri said...

Some classes are just different. I hear the one behind my daughter's is already anxious to be out of the school - fighting with one another, etc. A couple of people remarked at the dinner Tues that Olivia's class was a close class - even the principal said she was going to miss this class A LOT - they were special to her. We were lucky, I think.