31 July 2010


... just a night out to eat fried stuff, listen to cheesey music, have a few beers, see a silly movie and do some painless impulse buying at Puma and Urban Outfitters is enough (and speaking of retail therapy - my new fashion fascination is Carine Roitfeld, editor in chief of French Vogue - super cool style - let's see, craggy features, long stringy hair, olive-ish coloring and dark eyes..... hmmm... if I just lost half my body weight, I might look a little like her ;-). That's what hubby and I did last night, and it was totally rejuvenating. Olivia and three friends watched the little ones for us (AND ate pizza and Facebooked and bought a FIOS movie and made silly videos, etc.).

Today - we have a birthday party, last minute camp shopping, a care package to three sweet kids who just lost someone close to them, dinner out to say bye-bye to Olivia for a week, home improvement purchases, the pool and more. Already we've had a pancake breakfast for 9? 10? - cleaned a portion of the basement and hosted some of the neighbor kids for a Disney cartoon fest this am :-). Seems like a good day. Thoughts and prayers are, however, with a family in our circle of friends grieving over the loss of a wonderful husband and father today.

Safe and happy weekend, all!

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