25 July 2010

Even more summer stuff...

House feels cleaner and more calm when it is cooler outside / inside - not sure why. We are dividing and conquering today - Hubby, boys and Olivia going to Pirates game..... Me and Lil will stay here to read, snack and play laundry and other catch-up a bit. Went to the pool last night where the water felt sooooo nice and cool in the heat. Lil and I swam together - Enzo showed me water tricks - Milo worked on practice for his deep water test with Daddy.... Came home and grilled corn, asparagus and steak (protein for Olivia the swimmer who was very tired after rising early and competing all day - she spent a quiet night in her room reading Lord of the Flies, a book for honors English in the fall - of course, she doesn't like it.... but is starting to "get it" - have to say, this is one book that left me quite disturbed, having read it in my own honors English class years ago - I think references to kids going wild as "Lord of the Flies" is a little off base - find it a commentary on all society - what horrors people are capable of.... Digressing....).

Photos: Just family :-).

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