15 July 2010

Insomnia Day 2

UP again. For hours. Seems to be no end in sight. A lot on my mind lately. As you know, family "stuff" is bothering me. I may come off snarky and flippant, but... I'm sad ... AND concerned. More on that later ... a post for another day, as I like to say.

Thanks, all - who offered help / support regarding my last sleepless post. Anyway, thinking (and posting photos - Mt. Washington - here in Pitt) of my lovelies ....

Still not thrilled with Top Chef. See my blog list for a post better than I can produce at Serious Eats regarding the latest.

Olive Juice still doing their crazy clearance sale (again, $60 dresses for $15, etc. - cute kids' tennis stuff, retro looks, etc.). Nordstrom's anniversary sale starts tomorrow. And.... just got my Wishcraft (by Chasing Fireflies) Halloween catalog in the mail. I so love Halloween..... Can't wait (though am enjoying the pool, gym, lazy evenings on deck routine I have going on now. Fall is my favorite season, though).

Slackin' lately... I am TIRED.

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