13 July 2010

More summer fun.

Had to pass on watching friends perform acoustically at Club Cafe last night because time just got too tight (and wish I would have remembered ahead of time to send some of you that way :-) - gym, boot camp, nothing to make for dinner, kids who wanted to play outside past bathtime..... Night before, we tried out our new fire pit (the kids insisted despite the humidity), and we strung some white lights on our deck for ambiance. Nice evening. We sat and sipped while the kids ran about catching lightening bugs.

Shopped T.J. Maxx with Olivia yesterday and, while at one time I was overwhelmed by it (loved it in high school - was over it quickly, though...), I quite like it now - found a cute shirt for Lil - saw some swimming stuff for the boys - closet organization stuff for Olivia - plus she found some cute shorts and shirts. We scored some gumballs for our retro gum machine that sits in Olivia's room (and has been empty for months). Now, however, Lil and Milo are obsessed with it - have been in her room non-stop (last night, we discovered Olivia's white communion cross missing, her candle "smooshed", her hair brush smeared with candle wax and more - and, Milo with candle wax in his hair... hmmm....). Anyway, they each have 12 cents to spend today. I'm sure it will be gone by noon.

Taylor Lautner at Hampton High School today to film Abduction (heads up from Olivia). I think I see a trip to Hampton High School in my very near future :-). Again, being commanded by the teens... But - fyi, all - I hear they are putting in extras on site.... so.....

Photos: Grilling, making lemonade and waking and finally ambling down the steps at noon. Ahhh.... summer.

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TKW said...

The pics of homemade lemonade made me smile. That's the good stuff of summer.