21 July 2010

Speaking of duty...

This is awfully late notice, but... you can attend a "walk in the woods" and get more info. on Kate and Peter's Treehouse tonight at 6:30 (run!) at the Frick Environmental Center. The group will meet at 6:30 and meet on the latest developments before embarking on the regularly scheduled walk. See Amy at Callapitter (my blog list!!!) for more info.

And... don't forget about Haiti. We have friends who are volunteering to help with clean-up down there now - one through a corporation - one through a non-profit AND I know two photographers who have been down there to document the horror. It is still awful and they still need donations - cities in ruin - orphans with nowhere to sleep.... You can always try here or my "go to", Unicef - though, there are other initiatives - like if you go to the band, The Arcade Fire's, fan site and donate, they will duplicate up to one million dollars in fan donations. Not too shabby. Google it all - I am in a hurry to post.

And ... see the chuckleheads pictured above (you've seen these girlies before)? They have decided that, tonight, they want to have a sleepover and get chinese food and eat it out of the containers like they do in the movies (and laugh, of course, and do Facebook Photo Booth AND talk about boys...). Know what I mean? Actually, that doesn't sound like such a bad idea....;-). Wish I was going :-).

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