01 July 2010

Warrior Girls

For the lacrosse tournament pictured here, the girls wanted their hair braided so they would look more fierce. They played hard this season. I will miss East End Lacrosse :-(.

Boys off to respective camps (Enzo will hike today - Milo has water play) - Lil eating salad for breakfast (couldn't resist when she saw me make one for Enzo's lunch) - trying to squeeze in workout with hubby, chocolates / coffee with he and Lil and swim team pick-up for the "warrior girl" (who hung out at Sandcastle waterpark ALL DAY yesterday - what a life - though I do not envy "boot camp" right now ;-). Took the kids for ice cream last night where Enzo decided he liked my yogurt shake better than his bowl of chocolate ice cream :-), and Lilliana carried Olivia's old American Girl Bitty Baby in the car carrier with her the whole time (Milo was wild boy into the wee hours - watched Top Chef with us on the "big bed" later). All good.

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