24 July 2010

Soooo hot....

So to beat the heat, we did partake in the swimming at the swim team banquet last night. Milo swam to our family friend, Olivia B, from the side of the pool to the middle for the first time (BIG deal - usually, it's the other way around... he is trying to make it to the side, but.... last night, felt confident enough to take off on his own and swim with the "big kids"). Enzo actually got brave and swam with the big kids too. I have this image in my head of his sweet little face, smiling and excited as our Olivia went to get him to play. Flattered for a while AND enjoying the fun, Enzo did soon decide to head back to shallow waters and did tell me that "the Olivias" did something "dangerous" - they threw him to deeper water. Such a cautious guy :-). By contrast, Milo noticed the diving board and wanted to go off (and, for some reason, I almost mentioned it to him last night, but, again, he noticed it on his own). So he jumped tentatively a few times to Daddy, who waited in the 10 ft. to make sure he could get to the side. Then, some kid did a flip, and... that was it... he did one too - then another - and another - and another (and, again, I am reminded of me as a kid... when he does stuff like this, my Mom always says he is the male version of me at that age, and..... I do remember being a bit daring ;-). Of course, for all of this, I did NOT have my video camera OR my Nikon. Trying to enjoy the evening, so..... all good.

Lil went in the water too, but she and I spent some time playing Mommy and Baby Duck at the baby pool (her invention). She ate well - enjoyed everyone's company.... In fact, we all did - nice to hang with friends again. Late night, it was steamy in this house, but it was fun anticipating the championship meet - coordinating rides with friends on the phone - hanging my wet stuff on the deck - listening for the familiar sound of the "swim team fairies" (teenagers in SUVs) who leave bags of treats for all the swimmers on porches late night before the big meet (listening to my friends tell me how their little ones were excited for the treat bags had me thinking back to Olivia's early days as well when such occurrences were like exciting magic - now, of course, no big deal). You know, usually such phone coordination is a drag - the wet stuff overwhelms me - the heat irritates me - but.... was feeling festive and part of a community again last night. A good feeling :-).

So ... Olivia off to championships. I will join her later. We have to squeeze in a b-day party, figure out why the fish tank is murky again and why it is leaking, hang some darker curtains in the boys' room.... all that "stuff".

Have a productive and fun weekend. Do something to stay out of the heat .... it's pretty sticky and nasty (yesterday, we went to the library, got ice cream and ran some errands - that seemed to help - saw many pool pals doing the same thing :-) - hubby and I trying to get away to just a simple movie at some point this weekend).

Photos: A swim meet a week or so ago. All the usual suspects.... AND got big sis giving lil' sis a hug. Awwwww....

Off I go to watch Sat am cartoons and eat cornflakes with Enzo (only one up - little ones up all night bothered by heat - will sleep FOREVER today).

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