01 August 2010

Up early (again)

OK - so Enzo and I have been up a while ... house quiet - a little dark. He's already dressed in a cute little polo shirt and madras plaid shorts - watching cartoons, playing Wii. I'm walking about - folding pool towels from the night before - gathering laundry for Olivia to pack in her camp trunk - making coffee. Lil slept with us last night, having napped too late in the day and having a hard time going to bed (she's always restless on those nights) - this morning I rinsed her milk bottles - covered her with the comforter - left her sleeping next to Daddy. Olivia spent the evening packing for camp (leaves today for Sheldon Calvary Camp - one week away) - opted out of a local fair outing to hang with us and grill - did not have time to go out to dinner (which Big Daddy M wanted to do - might do breakfast). Milo was patient all day yesterday - while big bro Enzo went to a b-day party, he did some lunch and shopping with Mommy, Daddy and Lil, desperately wanting to go to the pool all day - finally made it dinnertime-ish so he could go off his beloved diving board (finally got that on video :-) despite chilly-ish, windy conditions - later spent a feisty evening at home where he redeemed himself with me by sweetly knocking on my door, where I was folding laundry, and offering me creme brulee :-).

Have some fun with those close to you today OR go do something fun for yourself ;-)!

Photos: My wee ones looking for bugs in the front yard AND hubby illustrating that his mug of beer from Hofbrauhaus during a family dinner (visitors in town) was as big as Olivia's head ;-).

In closing... just because I posted some encouraging news about the BP oil spill in Gulf a few days ago, it doesn't mean that there isn't a problem - obviously. Check here for what the damage looks like close up. Just wanted to clarify :-).....

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