15 July 2010

Sleepy, but.... still thinking retail and "kid stuff".

Do you know this line of clothing? You should. Really cute for little ones.

Some good recipes for kids here.

An old favorite of mine .... some good ideas for kids' rooms, nurseries, etc. here. Floor coverings mostly, but... the new stuff is cool.

Back to school shopping has started (believe it or not), so... get started - I would start with shoes here - because they always sell out first (before uniforms, etc.).

Looking for stuff to do with your kids in Western PA this summer, AND running out of ideas? Check this out.... a couple of ideas (and a good resource all year round).

Photos: More summer "stuff" :-) - some "off to camp" photos - some "mill about the house" photos - sparklers from the 4th - all within the last few weeks....

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TKW said...

I love the first picture--my girls climb into the laundry baskets all the time and it's so cute.