11 July 2010

Simple gestures.

So.. today, as our houseguests prepared to leave - catching a plane to NY and then to Lima, Peru, we all had breakfast on the deck - morning dew, hot coffee and all that. My Spanish is bad, and their English was better but not great - still....we had a nice conversation - as we have over the past day or so. Like I said before, it is nice to connect with another couple - family, friends. As they were heading out the door, and we were all exchanging emails, addresses, mobile phone #s, my new friend gave me and hubby her own little gold hoop earrings to give to Lilliana to wear someday. SUCH a sweet gesture - really meant a lot to us. Sweet Lil danced and ate and cuddled with her new pal all night, and this little gesture seemed so appropriate. Of course, they want their boys - almost identical in age to our boys - to stay in touch or exchange cards, etc. at Christmas with our boys (of course, that will be us doing the exchanging of photos and stories, which is nice), and... will definitely be looking Olivia up on Facebook - as they are interested in her exciting friends and in helping her with her Spanish (next time we see you, they said, we'll "quiz" you on your Spanish again ;-) - they quite enjoyed talking to her and hearing about her life - and... she did do quite a bit of translating for me and speaking for them as we were out and about last night. So ... anyway .... safe trip Enrique and Patty.

In a similar note .... another meaningful connection or gesture....Last weekend, my Mom told us that Olivia is now someone's namesake. Years ago, my parents made friends with a couple from Scotland while they were all living in Luxembourg. They were a banking industry couple - my parents Goodyear International people, so... they had all lived in different areas, traveled all over - and, above all, shared similar likes and interests. Their nephew, Stuart, lived with my family for a long time as he attended college in the states (and he and I always hit it off - felt like being close to a new younger brother :-). He ended up staying here, but... the rest of the family, including his many sisters, are still back in Scotland. My Mom and Dad met all of them and even knew members of their extended family well, having visited them in the UK and France many times. They visited us here in the 'burgh over 4 years ago - I was pregnant with Milo - my Dad had finished his last round of chemo and was doing well. They had a fantastic time with us (my only regret that trip was that, somehow, I forgot my camera for our sightseeing - pregnancy hormones, I suppose). I'm so glad they were able to see my Dad that trip as he died only a couple of months later. Recently, our friend, John (his wife is Sheila), was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor (they are retired in Scotland), and he did recover well, but... what a scare, right? Anyway.... as my Mom was following up on his progress on the phone a couple of weeks ago, Sheila told her that one of her nieces had just named her new baby, Olivia, because she likes hearing about us and our family so much - feels a connection (Sheila and I totally hit it off ;-), btw, every time we see eachother despite the fact that we are different generations). Anyway, this girl even named her baby "Olivia Rose", which was my original plan (instead, my girlie is Olivia Katherine - a compromise with my ex). Sheila wanted my Mom to be SURE to tell us all that - and that they think of us and talk about us often - me, hubby, my boys and girlies. Lovely - truly lovely.

Enjoy your Sunday, all :-).

Photo: More Paris and a couple of pumpkin hunting candids from years back. I love our photo collage going up our stairs. Have I said that before? Family .... friends. Seems to be a theme this week :-).

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