10 July 2010

5 things - GOOD things....

1. The beautiful sky today - clouds that looked like they had been finger-painted or brush-stroked across a clear blue canvas.

2. Hubby and I talked over cold bevies in the steamy wee hours the other night on our deck. We are so lucky.

3. Spending time with wonderful new friends - hubby's cousin and wife from Peru. Shopped, ate, drank, talked and laughed today.

4. Olivia and her friends are closer than ever despite all the new high schools and new activities on the horizon.

5. Had a nice dinner with Mom over last weekend - two actually - one out, which she seemed to enjoy - another in with the cabbage rolls of my childhood just before we left.

Photo: I know the heat was bad this week, but.... would you rather go back to being snowed in? Seriously - I'd like a vote. I can't decide.


Kim said...

Hey, I'm finally back on the blog...funny, I just wrote and entry and included 5 things I am reveling in this week! I like your 5. Sounds like quality time with the ones you care about. To answer your question...my blood is thin after living down here. I'll take the heat, as long as there is a place to cool down.

Emily said...

I don't mind bracing cold, but I'd prefer heat over that much snow. A little snow, just enough to be pretty, I enjoy. Last winter stretched my snow tolerance - and it was bad here, but not as bad as it was in Pittsburgh!