16 July 2010

Morning House

So this post isn't done during the wee hours, though.... I was up again - just able to get back to sleep this time.... Again, thanks all - your suggestions are really hitting home in that I guess I often don't view insomnia as a big problem, having been sleepless and dragging with babies up all hours or toddlers teething, preschoolers putting off bedtime, etc. for the past few years - AND having dealt with insomnia my whole life off and on (albeit without a family to take care of). Now, however, with some additional "stuff" on my mind, I'm finding that I need my sleep to handle the kid-related nighttime surprises along with all the daily stuff - all our sports and activities - my new amped up workout schedule - my writing - my cooking - my new biz venture currently in the works, etc. I need to finally DO something about it. I think I'll try the "routine" sent to me by a long ago friend with whom I have recently reconnected. His plan seems to make the most sense and may be a longtime "cure". I'll implement then share with all of you (though, again, thanks for all the emails, FB msgs and face to face advice).

Anyway - sharing some images of my morning house today. I am foggy lately - feeling like the clean house we had ready for our houseguests a few days ago has gone way messy again and I am in desperate need of a grocery outing (I think two of my kids just had M & Ms for breakfast ;-)... PLUS I am so sleepy and shaky all the time that I'm spilling sugar, coffee, pasta, soup, etc. all over the floor and counter, breaking things like my favorite retro butter dish (I mean shattered it - along with a mug, a terra cotta pot, etc.).... gotta get back on track.

So... sleepless in Pitt is signing off again but not without mentioning that Men who Stare at Goats is a bizarre movie (love everyone in it, though - Jeff Bridges who really does have shaman-like qualities, Ewan MacGregor who I have loved forever and George Clooney who just cracks me up). Followed that last night by Weird Science. Gotta love that ;-).

Edgewood Eels won their swim meet last night (and Olivia brought home two first place blue ribbons - one for individual - one for a relay - as did many of her friends / teammates). We took all the kids - I filmed Olivia swimming like a jet - got some footage of the wee ones in the baby pool with their funny goggles on (in fact, I missed a great end of the lane perspective video of Olivia to take the opportunity to show Enzo how she and other people he knows swim in "races", as he calls them - I think he wants to swim next year! Just like big sis Olivia, and... just like mommy years ago :-). The long walk around our little 'hood to get to our car - sitting outside the club, backpack on, kids all around me, waving to friends as they drove by on their way home, all of us happy after an evening eating bbq and pizza, watching our swimmers and chatting all night long was JUST GREAT. I do love my life.

OK - brain fry..... I'm beginning to not make sense plus I'm hearing "mommy" every five seconds from my wild bunch. Have a good day, all!

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