18 July 2010

Today's Musings...

Paranormal Activity is one of the least scary, most laughable "horror" films I've seen in a long time. Along the lines of the pathetic Blair Witch Project years ago. The premise was great, but....

Butter makes a freakin' mess in the kitchen. Hubby and his Sunday pancakes are a comprehensive, greasy force to be reckoned with each week.

There are some people in life who, as much as you try to be gracious and polite to, will always rub you the wrong way.

Middle schoolers on the edge of high school, fresh from a late Sweet 16 birthday party for a friend ( a boy :-), will always stay up past 2 am and will always be loud (it is 10:30 ish - so shocked to see these girlies on the couch ready for the pancake mess - expected them up at noon ;-).

Found something cool at the artists market last night: Handmade kids clothes and cool hats and neck warmers for adults - check her out, Carla Morris - www.carlamorris.etsy.com - AND - discovered something kinda funny that's not supposed to be funny - the band Nobadjuju from Pitt - OMG - think bad '80s lounge music and / or hair band and classic rock covers.... only these people look like they're in their 30's. Hello?

Feelin' snarky, so... signing off. Though.... was thrilled to run into an old friend last night. Hi Leah :-).

Photos: My Olivia with two of her partners in crime from last night (and there are others... just no pics today :-).

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