06 July 2010

One way to beat the heat!

My boys at the museum as I speak or type, rather (I'm hangin' with Lil - I'm cleaning while she plays with castles and her dollhouse - Olivia at pool with all her friends - a full 48 hours since she's seen them - not sure how she lasted ;-). Hubby has me DVRing World Cup semi-finals for him (and how 'bout that Germany / Argentina game a few days ago?... not to mention all the upsets - the Netherlands doing so well.... etc. Weird and interesting World Cup this time).

Hope you all have something fun and / or productive to do today!


TKW said...

Nothing like a bath in a waterfall to cool you down!

Facie said...

Good for your boys for not jumping right into that. I might have been tempted as hot as it has been.

And to think that five months ago I was waking up to electricity (after 1.5 days without), a snow-covered road (no plow yet), and almost two feet of snow in my yard. I am not sure which is worse. Seriously.