27 July 2010

Taking time today ...

... away from tuition bills and school supply lists ... away from the pajama bottoms so lost it's like they didn't exist ... away from the perennially cranky two year old .... away from dusty (actually, dirty) dining room floors and that ever-present laundry pile to think about others today who are suffering with illness and the loss of loved ones. There are a lot in my inner circle, and I'm sure, if we look around, we can think of or offer assistance to someone who needs support right now.

Remember the little things today and how lucky we all are in so many ways. Olivia and I were reminded today of how, when my Dad was sick, we all laughed and smiled and enjoyed each day... right up until the end.

The little things.... my preschooler, Milo, going off the diving board for the first time .... his little crush next door :-).... Lil wanting to have tea with me all the time..... Olivia excited about her upcoming camp week..... Enzo sharing coffee with me in the early morning, before anyone else is up..... All so important, and, at one time, things I would have looked right past. Knowing the pain of loss, however, changes you forever. Anyway, friends, I am thinking of a number of you and your families today.


Mendy said...

Thanks. It does make you appreciate the simple moments that make up your life.

I love this pic of them.

Sherri said...

Sorry - meant to ask you yesterday if I could post it. Then.... in a hurry, with Lil pulling my pjs down, I put it up because it was so cute, AND.... they are SO in the distance, it is hard to actually see them. I mean... you know my weirdo readers ;-).