09 July 2010

More yin and yang.

First of all, it's too freakin' hot - waaaay too hot. Over 90 degrees with humidity that puts the heat index over 100 is not fun - no matter how you look at it. Kids overheat easily - no one sleeps at night - AC works so hard there are random power outages... Tough week.

On the bright side (and, as I always say, there IS one - there really is), hubby and I watched a DVRed Hell's Kitchen this morning - snuck in a quick workout (kids went happily into the gym daycare) and.... ate at the Iranian take-out place, Kubideh Kitchen, in East Liberty - finally. REALLY tasty - spiced beef with basil, mint, onion, lime - all on a yummy dough-y bread (kind of like Indian naan - did I spell that right?)..... $5 from the quick take-out window. If you're shopping at Whole Foods, Borders, etc. - definitely check them out! They will be switching countries every four months - next is Afghanistan.

And... watched something interesting last night on HBO. The Neistat Brothers - filmmakers and ... just kinda interesting guys. Not sure quite what to make of them yet, but... highlights last night for me included the one brother and his 9 year old son making a movie in which part of it entailed lighting a box (boat) on fire and letting it float on the choppy beachfront surf while the kid narrated (his concept) - funny. Also, the one brother went to meet his birth father, and.... not sure what I liked better - the quick odd exchange between them followed by his assessment that this guy was "really nice" - or the fact that his prior narrative about, despite genetics, etc., his brother was not his half brother but his brother and his step-father definitely his "real" dad was hit home by that odd exchange in the denouement of his film. Nice job - props, props, props to you for that brotha in adoption and blended families ;-).

Speaking of props... must give some to the older of my two brothers. After discovering this past weekend that my Dad's watches had all disappeared and my Mom "didn't know where they were" (I had not been allowed to touch them), he has told me that he will give me one of them (obviously - they were divided between my two brothers - probably twenty or more - and, for the record, they are Rolexes and other expensive brands, but... I just want one to wear when I need to remember him or have him with me - kids' sporting events, etc. - my bro got that and offered me one. The yin to this yang - or vice versa - is that my other brother told my mom he texted me an invite to his one year old's birthday, which he did NOT - also, no one mentioned it to us, so we missed it and sent gift anyway / instead. I don't say this often, but I am completely wounded - hurt to the point that I can't talk about it. Had happened before - and, as is usually the case with people like this, I am not the only one he has done this kind of thing to, but....). Anyway, the older of the two is nice to my kids, skis with us, comes to parties, invites us out, etc. He and his girlfriend ARE family people - thank God.... truly. Must say here... visit with Mom went well - a few bumps (she yelled at me for asking about some old family photos that my cousin and I discussed - won't give them up - will keep trying, Lou Who, if you're reading), but, all in all, a really good time. I focus on the positive. I do. I might kvetch now and then, but.... at the end of the day, the good is what I make an effort to remember.

OK - so the heat is making my kids CRAZY - they are wild, cranky, eating toothpaste, stealing things from their big sis' room, spilling stuff, yelling, fighting, not listening, etc. Have to say.... in my adult way.... I am acting out in the same way (note previous snarkiness). Funny note: Hubby went to kill a wasp in the boys' room today (they thought it was a "stink bug"). Wasp flew up his shirt and stung him several times. As he was running about, screaming, the boys and Lil thought he was doing a "dance party". They've been talking about the dance party ever since ;-).

So... Olivia swam well in meet last night.....attended bonfire with her pals up the street (I need to crash one of these bonfires... they sound fun).... will go to pool with us today. Hubby's cousin coming in tonight (apparently, no one can drive him - they want to stay in DC until tomorrow - ?????!!!!! - so he and his wife took the train); I will have a cool, clean bedroom for them - bath gels set out on the fluffy comforter - fab croissants and fruit in the am - we have errands tomorrow - we'll take them to dinner and sight-seeing later - looking forward to it.....

Lastly, calm down Clevelanders and Akronites; Lebron James made his decision for his career - his family, etc. The fans were great, but..... did the team really treat him well these last few years? I mean - he carried the Cavaliers for a while! I can say this... I used to sit at the traffic light with him years ago (hey - it's something) as I am from the area - my Mom still lives near him. Anyway.... Miami is lucky to get him. I'll still follow his career... and him (and not in a weird, stalker kind of way, but... like my Dad used to follow players and their careers - he LOVED basketball...).

Have a good weekend, all.

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Kim said...

I'm sorry, M, but I had to laugh at the dance party story...very funny when you are not the one with the wasp up your shirt! Bath gels, fluffy comforter, croissants and fruit in the AM? If I lived closer, you might have to worry about kicking me out on my consecutive weekends at your place! I'm sure your guests are enjoying all the pampering. Enjoy! Oh, and boy are people excited about Lebron down here! Interesting fact: My OU roommate Sarah's husband is from Akron and went to school with Lebron's mother when she was pregnant with Lebron.