01 March 2010


No - it's not a food post.... It's one of my nicknames for my Lil. That - and Stink, Bodinken, Mrs., Cupcake, etc.

For Enzo, it was Goombah, The Guy, Enzaboo - other variations - was even, at one time, Monsieur Turkeylegs.

Milo was always Chicken - though Enzo called him Baby, and for a while, he was Milo the Alien (definitely the newborn look) - now can be Mad Milo on occasion - or - Monkey Man.

Olivia was Bijou - Peach - La Peche - but.... will always REALLY be The Bean to us :-).

And, of course, they're all sugar buns, pumpkins, sweeties (on other days buttheads, the wild ones, the loud talkers, etc.) - I can't help myself....

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