02 March 2010

The formula for "out the door" success ;-)

Pretty much - up VERY early obtain breakfast orders as their sleepy little eyes are opening (today's order was easy - toast, chocolate milk, Pop-Tarts, juice - for me, my new favorite - Stonyfield Organic Soy Yogurt - chocolate!) - clothes laid out - socks already inside boots - hats and gloves stuffed into coat sleeves - assigned areas for grouping backpacks, lunches, etc. (this morning, for example, Olivia's UGGs were waiting next to a Vera Bradley lunch box and her now very worn LL Bean backpack - Enzo's school shoes were next to his monogrammed green Pottery Barn backpack and his Transformers lunchbox, both of which he is so proud :-) - and Milo even had his little blue PB backpack AND... since he was snack helper today in preschool... he had napkins inside his Cars lunchbox, which he insists on carrying himself, and a big Whole Foods bag filled with his favorite whole grain crackers and lemonade that has, btw, been checked for stray toy dragons, etc. that might be riding along - AND, finally, Marcello had his little cooler filled with leftovers next to his laptop). New carseat in new Jetta? Check. Show n Tell items today? No - Italian class for K - scrapbooking elective and yearbook photos for Gr. 8 - no change of shoes necessary for P3.... All issues addressed .....Out the door and to school - EARLY today! I even have a little sweatshirt and jeans ready for Lil (and her green herringbone Saks Fifth Avenue back pack that used to be her stylish sister's - stuffed with a sippy cup, Gerber Graduates fruit leather and some extra diapers :-), who may go to her beloved morning out program today (and I REALLY should highlight this place more often - great care, books, toys, snacks, little pets, crafts, nurturing wonderful people - all convenient and inexpensive - right at the 2nd Presbyterian Church in the Regent Square / Wilkinsburg area - Braddock Ave. to Biddle St. - just love it).

And a friend just sent me this earth-shaking information...that a coffeehouse / cafe catering specifically to kids and moms (ages 0-6 mostly - some play areas for ages 7 - 9, apparently) is opening in Squirrel Hill! Oh the joy! To quote my pal, "If it has good coffee - I may become a regular." Thanks for this info., Elaina! Check it OUT!

Something to note.... check out the Serious Eats blog on my page again (see my "follow" sidebar) - coffee issues due to climate changes and issues. See - take care of the environment or, I don't care who you are, it WILL affect you in some way.

Thank you to everyone, btw, for emails and /Facebook messages regarding photo organization and ideas. Still working on it all....

And, lastly... a recipe ..... total 1970's chicken and rice casserole that I had at like a potluck somewhere and just had to have the recipe.... I was sure that it was full of cheese and mayo and other southern ladies that lunch shortcuts and fillers.... so was leery at first.....AND it is easy, uses convenience foods - whatever - but can also be a good way to sneak a bunch of vegetables and a lean protein into a tasty, hot meal for your kids. I use lowfat versions of the ingredients - fresh or flash frozen organic veggies when possible - and vary it a bit if I make it for a school thing or a new baby family (actually find that peas and broccolli or spinach are FAR better greens to use than the beans suggested in the recipe)...... And ... let's face it - isn't the chopping, mixing, measuring that is involved with casserole making VERY satisfying - like giving your baby a thorough bath - planting vegetables in a garden - washing your own car.... You know what I mean.....

Enjoy the day! Good Karma to others in the world experiencing difficulties. Don't forget your favorite charities today :-).

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Emily said...

Finally caught up, I THINK! You are a busy writer. Just reporting that I am so going to make that casserole recipe. Sounds like my kind of thing, though I will sub in different veggies, too. Thanks for including it!