12 March 2010

NOTHING like warm cookies....or Parsley.....

Serene rainy morning (well as serene as it can be with all the old valentines spilled out on the dining room table - little ones wanting to feed fish, color with markers, play the Wii, help me unload dishwasher or get in the shower - all at the same time :-) - some yoga with the youngests - hanging out - organizing - playing - working on a number train puzzle - savoring moments - baking cookies, obviously (and preparing for Big Daddy M's Beer Batter Fish Fry again tonight - becoming sort of a Lenten family tradition) - painted my toenails black (cuz I am wearing my flip flops outside already - any warmer and I'm in bare feet!). Splashed A LOT outside yesterday - muddy, muddy, muddy but fun (looks like sun is out so maybe more of that today) - Lil started gymnastics (older gym intimidated her a bit... may try infant / toddler gym next week - though we did "have fun", as she says, jumping and dancing as she says it :-). Olivia starts lacrosse soon, and we've just signed the boys into baseball... a "training camp" that looks fun. Gotta stay active, right?

Saw a scary but "happy ending" segment on the Today Show this morning and would like to share an article (and then, of course, I'll pontificate a bit). Given the fact that Milo and Lil LOVE baths and both will take two a day or MORE if I let them (they like to play and swim ;-) - I found this story interesting. How many of us will leave the bathroom to check on a boiling pot downstairs for 60 sec. or go to the bedroom to lay out PJs? In that time, a toddler can drown - and they do so silently - no splashing - no crying.... Worth a read. See - that wasn't so bad.... no lecture here :-).

In fact, what does everyone have going on this weekend? I have a support event for Haiti tonight, play date for Enzo on Sat., chauffeuring a get together with Olivia's friends Sat. night, and...hopefully some outdoor stuff if it isn't too rainy and / or downtime with hubby (and... we missed out on the They Might Be Giants kids' show tickets... if anyone knows where to get any - ???). Thanks, all, for sharing your stories of tantrums (in response to mine :-) via email, Facebook, Blogger - whatever - ALWAYS appreciate the support. In fact, maybe I will get on a soapbox long enough to just say that it should probably become regular practice for all of us to continue reaching out to others. I know a few people expecting babies now, and it has made me sort of reminisce about that time in my life.I keep hearing people with little ones, new babies, etc. talking about how they're looking forward to the pool - or the summer, in general, and... I get a little sad. At that time, for me, I did not have a lot of support from family - quite the opposite. Also, I had so many babies so fast - right on the heels of working fulltime and during my Dad's battle with cancer that I often felt very alone. Milo was a high-maintenance baby, making play groups and Mommy and Me Yoga no longer possible (and I always felt bad for Enzo about that because he liked the interaction). I just remember going to the pool and sitting alone - or shopping with all the babies and no Mom or sister-in-law or anyone to bond with - I even did fundraisers for my daughter's school but did so alone because no one really knew me well or those who did, worked and couldn't help. Most of my new friends and acquaintances in the neighborhood had other better friends, and I ... well... just had a hard time reaching out or connecting. It's different now, but any connections I did manage to make or anytime someone reached out even just to help me with my stroller, well.... it all meant a lot to me :-). Food for thought....

My final word? Check out the Serious Eats blog (again - on my blog list below) - a little piece on parsley. Most of us think of it as a garnish or part of a recipe, but it is FULL of vitamins - literally like taking a multi-vitamin a day if you use it often.

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