25 March 2010

The "Wild Ones" Report

So ... Lil and I had coffee before gymnastics this morning - just she and I and her toy chainsaw. We were the talk of Starbucks (you know... usually I bring my own chainsaw, but... she appeared to have it covered...).

Milo tells me that if you "love a girl", it actually means that you are allergic to her :-) - relayed to me with great reverence like it was some huge preschool secret.

Photos: The Scholar and The Enforcer.

Now it's time to go play that ever-popular game - why does my kitchen smell like garlic - why is the rug in the tv room wet - and where did public works throw my recycle bin today??? Equally gross and challenging daily, the game does stay interesting... (future mysteries to include - why did I just stick to the floor? - what is that on the ceiling? - and does anyone else hear like a high-pitched hum coming from the kids' room (a far cry better than "do you smell smoke again?)? :-).

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