09 March 2010

Now We're Happy!

One Trader Joe's run (tantrum nonexistent EVEN when they were out of Milo's favorite organic fruit lollies and granola bars - in fact....check out this Trader Joe's chocolate chip granola bar recall) and a few errands later - eating chicken nuggets and fruit jellies (well... iced soy Chai and raw green beans for me) and listening to The Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in the car - AND we are fine. I am not frazzled. Milo is happy, happy, happy (great day at school). Lilliana is enjoying a day of "go with the flow" with Mommy. We took our jackets off - we splashed in a few puddles - we made "telescopes" out of recycled paper towel holders and went exploring - we bought stuff for dinner - we got green and white balloons - a life / day well-lived :-). Doesn't matter that the snow has melted to reveal a broken bird feeder (lovingly painted and hung by Enzo in the fall) - our Radio Flyer wagon that was somehow buried after use a few months ago - a dirty, deflated soccer ball (that still has some KICK in it - Lilliana scored a couple muddy goals) - Just matters that we are out enjoying the day (and each other).

A couple of observations on this beautiful day:

First, I saw a beautiful white-haired older woman quite brilliantly turned out in a posh and tailored black coat (definite retro feel) and matching shoes, taking her walk near Frick Park. Just loved her look....

Second, Lilliana likes to grab flowers on our many Trader Joe's runs, and... today picked out some droopy sunflower-ish blooms that we will refresh in our many vases indoors. Good idea - I should listen to my kids more ;-).

Finally, if you are driving and have to slam on your brakes and stop short (groceries spilling everywhere) and then yell, "I can't freakin' believe this!", your two year old will do the same - intonation correct, gestures dead-on, but... "look" definitely much cuter. Let's hope she doesn't repeat anything...

Photo: Dancin'!!! What else?

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