27 February 2010

Inside Play and some B-ball

Today .... watched pretty snowflakes fall and did some dress-up, more baking, even more gaming and supported our beloved oldest in her last basketball game :-) - and... yes, they did win (my Dad would have been so proud of her in this sport).

Olympics almost over. I know everyone is excited for the US vs. Canada hockey game tomorrow (though I am appalled to hear that tickets for the game are going for almost $5,000 - could that REALLY be true?!?!). And congrats to the US bobsled team for winning gold after - what? - 60+ years of not winning in that event!? Anyway..... will miss Vancouver ;-).

All in all, surviving the weekend... High point: hubby's fish and chips (he even bought malt vinegar) Friday night - he got nice cod - mixed up some Bisquick and some beer (I'm not kidding - made a beautiful crust).... filled two deep pans with oil and fried away (chips or french fries too) - deep pots didn't splatter, so... lovin' that. Low point: Due to busy schedule, missed out on a salsa lesson and night to mix with other couples opportunity.... Next time. Admittedly, I am feeling a little stressed these days.... Rant for another day, right? Stay warm..... Thoughts and prayers to Chile, of course.