03 March 2010

Bliss & some Easter clothes

Today, Olivia is off to a spiritual retreat (she didn't even take her cell phone!) - Enzo is settled into his kindergarten routine despite having to deal with the developmentally inappropriate fractions!!! that are now being introduced in his classroom (yesterday, when I did my P3 pick-up with Milo, I saw Enzo happily doing a puzzle in his classroom with his friend, Ignazio, and when he saw me he said he missed me but would have fun at lunch :-) - Milo will be hosting Daddy and Lilliana in his gymnastics class today. Should be a fun morning.

Photo: A few months ago, baby sis, Lil, compares her Gymkhana "visitor" award with Milo's "end of semester" ribbon, which he is, obviously, proudly displaying (the kid really does have some talent - I may get my gymnast yet!).

Tip for the day or my retail fix of the day - depends on how you look at it... My kids are always pretty preppy, springy, spiffy on Easter (a tradition long held by my Dad's family - big Catholic group - slavic-inspired food and fun on this holiday and others, of course, but we ALWAYS dressed :-), so.... lovin' these J.Crew accessories for boys, and the kid model looks so much like an older version of my Enzo that it's freakin' me out...;-)

Oh - and no water in the house for a bit this am - Water Authority hard at work with giant trucks and a big hole out front. Have built themselves a fire in an old barrel to stay warm. Hmmmm.... this may take a while.....(rant for another day :-)....

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