24 March 2010

It is definitely PEEP and chocolate season!

I just dropped almost $90 at Target on Easter candy, school buddy gifts, trinkets for egg hunts and other little family Easter greetings. I have no words..... but... I am aghast.

I do have a question: Are Marshmallow Peeps really better after a year - all stale and spongy? I've heard such tales. When I worked at a design studio years ago, our attempts to find out were foiled by the cleaning lady who wisely tossed out our nearly year-old stash of Peeps. Fateful day.....


joely said...

No they are not! They are gross all year round. My husband loves those things so I buy them every year. And they have not once been better a year later out of the holiday box. I tried it, so I would not have to buy more and it was not pretty.

Sherri said...

Yeah - Peeps are gross. I suspected as much about the year thing (and what, exactly, preserves them that long - blech...;-P) ..... Olivia and Milo are the only ones who can tolerate them in this house.... Me - I like the Reeses peanut butter eggs :-).