05 March 2010

The Oscars & More

I am a celebrity watcher - I love movies - I have a background in dance and theater - OF COURSE I'm watching the Oscars. See you on the red carpet :-). Actually, for me - it'll probably be red wine and / or hot mulled cider and some "very bad for me" cheesey, fried-ish hors d'oeuvres with hubby (actually, he will probably flip around all night - preferring to watch The Office reruns or Comedy Central instead :-).

Anyway, get all your nominees here.

Photo: Self-portrait taken to get haircut approval from a long-distance friend a couple of days ago...

Quick confession: OK - I despise when some of my fellow "literary types" make another person feel bad or stupid by mentioning obscure or little known writers and try to prompt a response from their poor unsuspecting victim (I've even heard people pontificate on literary theory at a kid's b-day party) a la - "Oh, you like French poetry, you must know....blah blah blah..." (cuz that's what pontificating sounds like to me). And they don't mention Rimbaud or Baudelaire -they mention people that I only know, for example, because my graduate degree is in Comparative Lit. NO ONE else would have an in-depth knowledge of these writers. Anyway..... went to buy To Kill a Mockingbird for Olivia yesterday (Mommy - I like need How to Kill a Mockingbird by tomorrow!!!). I was harried AND had done my "I look bad so I'll put on big sunglasses, lipstick and a scarf" so I looked a little "fluffy" plus I was sipping an iced Starbucks bevie, carrying my "big, I want to look designer, definitely befits a shopper" bag, so... maybe there was some preconceived stereotyping going on here, but... I did not see the book on the shelves - asked a Barnes and Noble employee - only to be told - "well, Harper Lee wrote it" - "Yes, I know." Then ... lightbulb!!! "Omigosh," I say, "I think I was looking under Harper like a crazy person." I ignore her condescending smile. She finds it for me. "It helps to know who he is.... the writer," she says, "before you start looking." OK - OK.... I'm getting annoyed. Then it hits me... "He?" I ask. "Yes," she says, "Harper Lee." HE? Then, it just popped out. "You know Harper Lee is a woman, right?" I ask, knowing that she CLEARLY does not know this bit of info. Blush blush - and that is exactly the response I wanted. I feel dirty.

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland comes out today :-).

And BIG, COOL retail tip of the day - one of my favorite kids' catalogs (out of the UK), Mini Boden, is at Nordstrom now.

Gotta go - my toddler, Lil, just spit some banana into my hand, and... well.... I gotta go... Milo wants cinnamon rolls (I have banned the Wii today - need to appease him somehow :-) - I'm expecting a call from hubby who has Enzo's teacher conference today.... The day beckons ;-)...(looking forward to Big Daddy M's beer batter fish n chips tonight... my new name for Marcello and the delight he now gets making "from scratch" fish n chips... good stuff :-).

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Emily said...

Yeah, generally, customer service does not include shaming a customer. So stupid. I quit going to a vegetarian restaurant in Columbus years ago because I was treated as a not-cool-enough customer. What-EV-er.