15 March 2010

My neighborhood Starbucks changed looks, and... I don't like it one bit.

Coffee, cozy fire - watching the rain fall. Milo set up with Monsters vs. Aliens downstairs in the big leather chair, the "big blanket" (hubby's comforter from high school :-), some sugarless bubblegum and vanilla milk. Lil upstairs with Bolt (yeah, Bolt - as she says), raisins, juice and some her favorite bath toys that she carries around the house (she slept in - time change working for us here). I hear birds singing. I feel organized today (and full of appreciation for ALL the comments I got in support of my last post ;-). All forms, lunches, etc. out the door earlier with my schoolkids. I hear Enzo had no tears today when Daddy left (classroom seat up front now) - Olivia had "dress down" (no uniform), so... all good.

Yeah - so the neighborhood Starbucks in Squirrel Hill (the old one, I call it, terrible parking, squeezed into a little corner lot in a busy intersection, tables outside have to deal with exhaust fumes) has redecorated. Walls are white - cabinets brown - furniture very nondescript a la cafe in a mall. And I don't like it. I want the old - read words off the walls, worn cushy chairs, cluttered counter area - back! Olivia and I used to meet Marcello there after her Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre class or her Pittsburgh Center for the Arts class, and we would sit - get her a steamer (she still drinks steamers in the morning to this day - homemade by Mommy ;-) - lattes for us - she went through a stage during which we had to draw mermaids for her constantly - like in different "scenes", so... we have many Starbucks napkins in old artwork bins with mermaids on them - dated - little notes about what we did that day - what she said. Anyway... memories. I'll get over it. Truthfully, we switched to the cleaner, calmer Shadyside Starbucks anyway (so much for supporting our local coffeeshop - for shame....) so we could shop Williams Sonoma and Gap on Saturdays and grab a quick, fun lunch somewhere like Pamela's or La Feria (see, I'm already over it :-) - and did I forget to mention that we went to Girasole a couple nights ago?? - nice time).

Last night, outside hide and seek with neighbors (debated on whether or not to go to school fundraiser - decided no in lieu of quiet - besides Big Daddy M took Olivia lacrosse shopping earlier and hit Costco, so... both needed wind-down) - misty, gray evening - my friend brought delicious chocolate cookies over for us (and earlier this week, we found cookies with a note at our door - I'm likin' this cookie week ;-)- I made wholesome dinner of veggies, potatoes and the easiest meatloaf in the world (ground beef - one onion - one piece of bread, torn - a couple eggs - ketchup - salt and pepper - glazed with Dijon mustard, brown sugar and ketchup mix - baked for hour at 350 - really tasty and moist - and if you put it in a loaf pan as opposed to shaping it on a baking sheet - you can use lower fat meat, and it is still moist and flavorful cuz it cooks in its own juices - a ha...). Watched Pulp Fiction again (gotta be in the mood for that... and we were). Bedtime was easy - Enzo likes to lay and gaze at his fish tank now (and I cut his hair so we can see his beautiful little face) - Milo is in the habit of dozing off after a snack in bed (and bedtime with him is always peppered with "I love yous" ;-)- Olivia is in a great homework, favorite shows, chat with friends routine - and Lil is going to bed early these days... All good.

Photo: Just milling around this am.....


joely said...

Glad to hear you are hanging in there. I have not seen you in a while. Maybe the Best of the Bede? was the last. I am just tooling around with the blog idea and have posted my first. Hopefully it will be therapeutic. Most importantly, I agrre, the old Starbucks was better!

Sherri said...

Pool - maybe? But - yeah... ages... have not seen you!