02 March 2010

a haiku

So... while this morning went smoothly, last night definitely did not. Here's a little something I composed - remember doing these little poems in school? :-) (And, btw, I've opted to keep the two little ones with me all day to share in the daily cooking, laughing, snuggling - sometimes just works out better that way - we'll see what words and feelings I come up with today - Yin and Yang - ebb and flow - everyday different :-):

wrist-deep in meatloaf
the kids run and scream, so wild
baby runs naked

I should ask for haikus that describe all of our days - serene, balanced words, belying so much chaos....... Anyone up to the challenge ;-) ???

And - I should start a new section of ..."I'm interested but don't know why" - seems to describe a lot of what catches my eye these days.... Anyway - this is Gwyneth Paltrow's site (retail tips - travel info. - more... a lot, really).... apparently - GOOP... (and I do like Gwyneth - I do - find her smart, fit, funny, laid back - have defended her to my misguided "wear all black - never put on a heel - prefer Converse to ALL shoes - don't exercise but like to spout crap on organic and natural mothering - I'm a foodie but I don't cook - I'm a part of the Indie craft scene but don't like fashion" friends and acquaintances - blah blah blah (and I'm not saying that I'm NEVER like that myself - I mean, we all slip ;-) - she DOES all that you TALK - know what I mean? ;-) ?? - heavy wink, wink here.... You all know who you are.

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