24 March 2010


It was another exhausting day - mad shopping for a forgotten gift - refusal to go to gymnastics - all healthy food rejected at lunchtime - a couple of kicking and screaming time-outs - orthodontist after school - different dinners for all (though, with hubby traveling, ice cream and soup for ortho patient with sore teeth and burgers and popcorn for the rest of them sort of worked as dinner - particularly because homework went well, PJs went on without a fight, etc. - and, for the record, I often eat yogurt and raw snap peas for dinner when left to my own devices anyway :-) - garbage and recyclables had to go out - a disgusting and mysteriously clogged toilet had to be dealt with (Lilliana likes to play with toilet paper) - an entire utility shelf and all the contents was taken out by a foolish but well-intentioned multi-tasker (um... that's me) who took a double load of laundry and some new detergent (we go through milk, cereal, garbage bags, baby wipes, hair conditioner and laundry detergent like water and that is NOT an environmentally or financially sound situation) down the basement stairs - the whole "I own a house and have kids" drill (one HIGH point - had a friend refer me to a fabulous and reasonably priced photographer for the family - all sorts of problems and past injustices solved there - albeit temporarily since she is moving :-( - focusing now on the joy in finding her, though :-).

HOWEVER, on the VERY bright side - Lil did a whole number train puzzle on her own (with Mommy happily helping - LOVE that close contact - they smell so good :-), matching the animal characters and colors - all the way to 20! Milo said "I love you a million times" (and, I'm told by his preschool teachers that he is a fantastic Easter basket weaver and enjoys it!! :-), and... on Friday, Olivia and Enzo will be in a processional together at a school mass. My 8th grader in her last few months at the school, and my kindergartner embarking on his academic journey (and he is very excited to be participating in a church event like big sis). Joy.

There is A LOT to be said for a peaceful evening of bedtime stories, hot chocolate and "snuggle buggle" under the big comforter on the couch (besides, sucked into watching Noggin and Nick Jr. for a loooong time, I did hear the old Kermit the Frog song "Rainbow Connection" - gosh, so many '80's moments this week :-). Movies, pretend play (Indiana Jones to kitties), Calm. sigh. You know - I am so crabby lately, I'm going to have to highlight a new segment called "on the bright side" cuz ... I think, most times, we can find one.

Photo: Calm


joely said...

You are right, joy is usually found in the simple stuff, not the glamorous planned moments. My favorite joy, outside of the kids, is the tea I drink before the kids come home from school and I read the paper. Sometimes it is 5 minutes or an hour but it is my joy in a cup.

Sherri said...

Isn't that the truth?!?! I so take great pleasure in my HOT cup of coffee on select days - the 15 min. it takes me to post my thoughts in writing here.... little things.....