02 December 2010

Happy Birthday, Milo!

So ... the sounds of my boys' laughter woke me again this morning.... as they played in their tangle of covers in bed and watched Arthur on PBS. They turned their fish tank on, fed the fish, had obviously been reading books to each other when I got upstairs because they were strewn about - in the covers, on the pillows, all over the floor. I had heard both of them spelling words to each other and turning on their big Transformers and "battling" with them as I got Olivia's breakfast. I knew I had to dress them and get Enzo off to school - I also knew that there was a big pile of presents on the dining room table in which Milo would be very interested, but... I let them play and talk and laugh, and.....as a result, we are a bit late today, but... I so love that they had such a good morning.

Anyway, today Milo is five!!! Sleepy-eyed and still in our pjs, we watched him tear open his gifts this morning (Olivia was already off to school, but we did just get a covert birthday text from her), all wrapped in tissue paper as colorful as he is and / or in Toy Story-themed paper, a favorite movie of his :-). Immediately, he played his guitar, used his new paints, and wanted to put in Toy Story 3. He is still talking about getting waffle fries and / or ice cream later, and he is just so excited. Happy 5, Milo - my sweet angel. You are one of the funniest, most interesting, most challenging, happy, sweet, complicated kids I've ever met. Don't change ;-).

Photo: Milo!!!! as he came out of the preschool room, in his crown, two lollies in his mouth, triumphant in his "fiveness".

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Facie said...

Yeah for December birthdays! Sounds like his day started off great. Hope it continues.