10 December 2010

The flurry of activity continues ...

... more baking (I used to bake those peanut butter cookies with a chocolate kiss in the middle all by myself when I was a kid - thought I was so cool - big project. Anyway... so baked them last night) - Santa's Treasure Shop at school this morning (I'll be wrapping gifts until my fingers bleed ;-) - Enzo left the house with his envelope of money this morning.... so excited :-) - more shopping (can you believe Olivia - the teen - is asking for MORE?) - more get togethers over the weekend..... We are IN IT :-). My kids are currently obsessed with all the candy canes, fudge and other treats in the house. In fact, what DID Milo eat for dinner last night? Popcorn and chocolate? Have been snuggling on the "big bed" pre-bedtime (though, last night, hubby and Enzo worked the tree sale at the school where Enzo got a $1 tip :-), reading Christmas books - usually from the library though we have quite a lot on our bookshelf upstairs. Lately, if they come from the school library, I've been looking at the old library cards (no longer in use) still in the inside book sleeve, and this last one.... Madeline's Christmas (love it) had a bunch of little kindergarten and first grade scribblings from some of Olivia's friends - now, of course, in high school (sniff, tear).

Enjoy the snowy day. Maybe we'll see you ice skating around the big tree :-) - Milo and Lil desperate to skate this year.

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