06 December 2010


It has been the big topic of conversation in our house this season - probably because it is taunting us daily with flurries, but... my boys want to see more on the ground (and with our own ski plans for after the New Year, we want to see some too :-) - though, today we have a bit, and it was a rough, dark, cold, early morning for Olivia at the bus stop today). Milo and Lil have already balled up some dirty pieces of ice to store in our freezer (because, last time, when they didn't grab a little bit of snow, it melted before they could touch it ;-). Anyway.... the photo here shows the snowflake that Enzo proudly brought home from school the other day. I felt so bad for him, at first, because he searched his back pack and couldn't find it, thought he lost it, then... when he discovered it on the floor of our van, he was so happy - held it up high - made me unfold it - biting his nails and jumping up and down in excitement. It is a pretty advanced snowflake, so... I thought someone may have helped him, but he says he did it while others did a "box" project (and he is sooooo proud - plus I hear that, this year, he is a champion cutter - uses his kid scissors like a pro, when ... last year, he had trouble :-). Anyway, now it hangs on our front door with Milo's autumn wreath :-).

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TKW said...

We have only had one small dusting of snow so far this year, which is nuts! Our first snow usually falls a week before Halloween!