09 December 2010

They say, someday, you'll look back and laugh....

... and you do. But you also smile, cry, remember, discuss, lament, rejoice..... This crazy, beautiful life. Thankful for it all this season. Also thinking of others who need love, comfort, and a lot of joy this time of year.

Photos: Me, hubby, baby Enzo and 9 year old, Olivia in Paris - infant Milo (who we think "hails from" Paris ;-) - born nearly 9 mos. after trip) - Me and Olivia at her 10th b-day party, only a week or so after my Dad died (I'm wearing the ring of his that I always wear in the photo) - Daddy and Enzo on go-carts in NC (a year and a half ago?) - Lil on that same NC vacation, looking at the ocean.

Oh - and I should have told you this last week, but... if you aren't watching Top Chef Masters, you should be - Wed. at 10 pm on Bravo :-).


TKW said...

Adorable little butt! That picture of you guys in Paris is terrific!

AngryBaker said...

Little Enzo! I knew it was him right away. I love how looking at baby pictures I can see exactly who they are, but when they are little I never know just what they will look like. You know what I mean?