03 December 2010

The braces are off!

And Olivia is so happy (came off 1 Dec)! I have yet to make her the chicken quesadilla meal she has requested (tonight I will - probably a good thing because her teeth have been sore - now that they feel a little better, she might be able to eat - pain AND braces-free). As all you former braces wearers know, it is not pleasant to have them put on or taken off - a lot of crunching, cracking, scraping, and cutting - not to mention the occasional snip or knick to your gums or lips. Anyway, poor girl - her retainer doesn't fit right so it is uncomfortable; her new one should get to us today (in fact, we have had quite a week of craziness - Enzo lost a shoe - Milo lost a mitten - we had a strange incident with a utility company - I had trouble connecting with a client the other day - just odd communication-type stuff). So.... her braces are off for the Shadyside Academy Snow Ball, and.... thanks to our gracious friend and neighbor, AB, her filmy black slip dress actually fits (and she has some super cool "berry" colored shoes to wear with it) - she has accessories ready to go - has dinner plans before the dance - knows who is in her big group of attendees - she should have a great time (photo to follow, of course).


AngryBaker said...

I was going to request a photo, but I see you've already anticipated that:)

TKW said...

She looks beautiful!! Tell her I said so!