30 November 2010

Reflections on my feisty boy :-).

So ... today, I snuggle buggled with my Milo on the couch all morning (Mommeee - are you done with your work? Are you ready to snuggle buggle with me, your Milo? sing song-y and funny today - fuming tomorrow .... he is such a study in extremes :-) - watched the rain (while Lil napped and the other two were at school) - discussed what type of icing we should put on the cupcakes we planned to bake for school tomorrow (vanilla - no, chocolate!) - covered up with a blanket - drank juice and coffee, respectively (though we always sample the other's bevie)... just had a nice start to our day. On these days, I often think about how kindergarten next year will change this dynamic, and... this week, I am thinking that I won't do a weekly donut outing with Milo after gymnastics because, well... he's not doing the morning class that he's done for the past few years - he's taking a class with big bro, Enzo, AND.... he's turning 5!!! this week, so... he's too old for that class anyway. I could cry - both with joy and with regret (WHY don't I cherish EVERY minute with him. Why? Because he is that kind of kid; he is like me. He is volatile, and... I really wouldn't change him, but he does test me some days).

So ... yeah - I'm up baking cupcakes because, even though Milo and I planned to do it together, my editing, getting dinner, picking teens up from a lacrosse meeting, heading out late evening to buy dance shoes and a "sticky" bra and more (including his request for blue and green plates and napkins for his school b-day) kept me from giving the project appropriate attention earlier today. And, truthfully, when there was a moment, I chose to send he and Enzo upstairs to play because they had Transformers in hand ready to start some pretend play, AND he had waited all day to play with big bro, E, so.... I opted for that instead of baking with Mommy. Worked out well - probably the better decision.

As is always the case with Milo, I am full of worry. Poor boy - with his kidney specialists and blood tests and special vitamins and hospital stays. Tough guy with his temper, his tantrums, and his stroooooong personality :-). Lonely middle child who is left out by his older brother when the big boys come to play or overshadowed by his comical, pretty little sister on occasion, even ignored by big sis and her friends, who he so likes to visit in her room. BUT, he is the one with whom I spend a lot of one on one time. This is a good thing. He needs that attention. He is just so sweet... and feisty. He is my affectionate boy - my super special helper - my sensitive, deep feeling companion - my cuddler who dances to the beat of his own drummer.

This year, he has already opened a big box of gifts from Grandma (and told her, gleefully, on the phone today how much he liked the bowling stuff and the light up toy among other things - I told her how, under his long bangs, he looked up with big, brown eyes and said in his raspy voice, "Can I open more presents? Where are they?" Soon, sweet boy :-), he will take birthday cupcakes to school tomorrow (last year he was sick on his treat day), he will go to Chick Fil-A and eat all the waffle fries and vanilla ice cream he can handle on his b-day (his choice), blow out a sparkly "5" candle, and open gifts from us, and.... we will fill out party invitations for the gymnastics party he has been REALLY wanting for a while ... though it will be after the New Year (which is fine with him), but it will be full of friends. It will be great.

Photos: Milo, the artist, and his Halloween witch - Milo "taking tea" - Milo on a cherished donut outing - and playing, hanging with Mommy and just being Milo :-).


Sherri said...

I get a lot of really cool, insightful, funny, interesting, etc. comments on Facebook, via email, etc. Here is one from a dance friend from long ago about this post (thought Milo might want to see this one someday):

This will be the perfect letter Sherry to share with his wife to be someday. She will have a lovely look into the future of how special a little boy she may have someday too. It would be nice if we all could read what our future may hold. The only thing I had was that stern voice telling me that, "You someday will have a child just like yourself. Never on paper like your chldren will have to cherish someday. Sniff, sniff.

TKW said...

Happy 5th birthday, Milo! You sound like a wonderful, well-rounded kid. Keep those snuggles coming.