23 December 2010

A beautiful night brings a change of heart.....

....So.... I was out amongst shoppers tonight - all of them cheerful and polite, a far cry from what I had experienced earlier this week and last. Fat, wet snowflakes fell as I went about my errands - picking and choosing last minute items for family gift baskets, and... I really got into the spirit, picking things I knew people would really like.

I came home to find my three boys (hubby included) having a snowball fight in the front yard, Christmas lights ablaze, snow still falling (and little Lil inside - eating Cheetos and watching Finding Nemo alone - hilarious ;-). Olivia was ready for her "reunion Christmas party" (friends from Oakland Catholic and Shadyside Academy), all dressed up in cute boots and scarf tucked around her neck, holding some nicely wrapped gifts. The night is cold, but... the temp is hanging around freezing, so it is pleasant. My brother in law showed up to go to the Steelers game with hubby (these are my family's tickets, so he rarely gets to go - which makes it all the nicer that this opportunity occurs at Christmastime). I spoke to my Mom earlier, and she was anxious for a visit with my kids (and me and hubby, of course) - so what if my brother changed the details of the Jan ski trip on us, right? I need to lighten up.

By some miracle, I AM organized - gifts wrapped - cookies and pumpkin bread on the agenda for tonight (and books Auntie Claus and Olivia helps with Christmas) - downstairs and upstairs cleaned up for guests (thanks to my hubby and kids who helped with everything from grocery bags to vacuuming to laundry and toy schlepping up the stairs :-). Holiday greetings keep rolling in - I am watching movies fireside with my little ones - all the mysterious wrapped packages have me all excited (as I said, I do like the retail - CANNOT help myself).

Anyway, so what if I have some laundry to do and some baths to give. So what if all can manage for dinner tonight is pasta with butter. So what if I'm still laying out and laundering holiday finery. We are happy and together and excited for the festivities to begin.

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