13 December 2010

Bieber Fever and other holiday musings...

Yes - Olivia and ALL her friends have it, AND... will be going to see HIM - Justin Bieber - tonight at the new Consol Energy Center downtown. They are excited, and I have been tasked with getting a few of them shirts today (Justin shirts, of course) among my other errands (get camera lens fixed, get b-day gift, buy dark pants for Christmas pageant, pick up old UGGS at shoe repair, buy new leggings for teen since others have a hole, etc.). A school delay (the first of many) has ME delayed today, so... I need to get moving. Funny morning. Olivia happily slept way in - Enzo and Milo had time to dress like Luigi and Mario (remember the Halloween costumes?) and run about, counting days on the Advent calendar (still have a picture in my head of Lil in her pink "prince-ness" dress, trying to pick up bits of snow as all those leaving the house this am exited - so she could put this little, tiny, fingerful in the freezer :-).

Need to remind us ALL again to be charitable this season. A bit of a sad story here (though I'm sure people will open their hearts and wallets for this one - and... I find the fact that this family has already enjoyed some support very encouraging. Just despise thieves and people who take from kids... give it a read).

Photos: Random images of the season.

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TKW said...

You're going to Beiber? Duuuuuude. THAT is love.