16 December 2010

A view from the sickbed...

Just had to post an update..... Lil is up and around - acting like a kitty - eating salad and mac n cheese - taking an aromatherapy bath and watching movies. Poor Milo is still down and out ... though I have waited on more Tylenol to get him on a better dose "schedule" in case we need to take him this evening (and he keeps asking if he can go), and.... gladly, the fever has not returned with such force - if it has at all, it is very lowgrade. Poor little boy is lethargic and often moans that his stomach or his head hurts (just like Lil did yesterday) and then.... has moments in which he is chatty and semi-cheerful - sits and sips his drink.

And... I did get ahead in my editing / writing project, I am charging all the camera batteries for tonight, I even have everyone's outfits laid out plus I am doing a big load of laundry. Why do I place such huge importance on these things - these performances - these little snippets of my kids' lives? I mean, so much more on a daily basis is just as important - the little things they say - even our "sick time" with them ;-). I guess it is because these moments are BIG in these little lives - filled with pride - surrounded by family and friends. We DO want to remember them, and we do want them to be perfect. I am beginning to think, however, that perfection is overrated ;-).

Oh - the things we "make it" through (and I have yet to get these sick little ones out in the cold to get my kindergartner - hubby working on some deadline projects and Olivia caroling at Shadyside Hospital for Oakland Catholic today, a noble thing :-), but no one can help me... all good :-)... Managing to get work done, supporting our kids in their endeavors, staying attentive to extended family, and... well.... just making it all work. Pats on the back to all today :-)!

So... stay well, all. SOMETHING is going around AGAIN.


AngryBaker said...

Glad they perked up. I miss the St.Bede Nativity/Christmas performance. Good luck to E:)

Sherri said...

Miss you guys there too. Did your kids have a performance outside the church one? I'm sorry we missed that. All these festive opportunities and so little time :-).