24 December 2010

Santa's elves... hard at work....

... drinking ginger ale and eating cheese and crackers (I know, right? You would think it would be hot chocolate and sugar cookies. Hmmm... Definitely going to tackle the cookies and milk in a bit - though reindeer's carrots may go back in fridge ;-).

Lovely night - driving to my Mom's along that familiar stretch of road reminds me of my childhood - totally. Summers at the pool, dance class, long drives back from my grandma's.....

Good time this Christmas Eve - fantastic, actually. Felt nice to be back with my brothers and my Mom - nieces and nephews from many blended families all got along so well - yummy dinner piles of gifts and good cheer (as corny as that sounds - it is TRUE). And... all that worrying and fretting.... sheesh. Goes to show you that even hurt feelings and odd behavior will come to pass when more important things matter, ya know?

So ... time to partake of coffee and get a'workin'. Actually, just nice to enjoy some quiet time (because presumably all the children ARE nestled all snug in their beds while visions of Ds's, Kinectimals, "kitties that walk" and UGGs dance in their heads). LOVED seeing them all have a good time tonight. Olivia got the crazy, loud, happy family that she loves SO MUCH together again - the boys were thrilled to be at Grandma's and... Lil seems to finally understand all the hoopla this year :-). And... miracle of miracles.... another side of the family - a bit distant now due to unavoidable circumstances - did send a friendly greeting. Maybe they heard me - maybe they just wanted to? Doesn't matter; I'm glad they did.

I've said it before - I'll say it again.... Happy Christmas, all!

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