26 December 2010

What a day!

OK - so yesterday, morning was chaos and the day was a blur, but we did have fun in the evening - eating, talking and trading gifts with this other side of the family. And, yes, as I said Christmas morning was great too, but I did spend all day cooking, cleaning, and taking the gifts that cluttered the living room up the stairs - hubby (who treated us all to family electronics as group gifts - Blueray player, surround sound stereo, boxed Harry Potter set, etc. - spent a large part of the afternoon hooking it all up and hiding wires... good times). I would have rather sat on the couch and watched our new Harry Potter, eating cookies and drinking coffee, but... that's not how this year worked out. All good. I was a little peeved at first, but... like I said, happy to see that everyone enjoyed themselves in the evening (including me - again, need to lighten up ;-). Of course, there is no zen approach to Christmas with this group - they shower everyone with little gifties and bring trays and trays of cookies and candy. So... the photo? Yeah- all that is filled with cookies, pie, nutroll, etc. Christmas lights tonight - possibly a matinee this afternoon.... Enjoy yourselves, all! Oh - and make a run to the Community Food Bank or write that check to another favorite charity if you already haven't :-).

Was reminded this morning of the fact that Darci Kistler, someone who I watched growing up as she is just a little older than I am, danced her last dance as a professional ballerina earlier this year. Wow - passages.... huh? The year in review begins.....

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